Pairing DT w/ Standard Notes

Has anyone tried or currently using Standard Notes? The platform is open-source E2E and available across most platforms. It supports markdown and offers a few options to sync and backup data.

I would like to pair Standard Notes with DT. Specifically, I can quickly capture notes on my iPhone or Windows work computer.

What would be the best way to input these notes into DT; sync with Dropbox or Google Drive? Are there any limitations with bringing in E2E notes?

I’ve never heard of or use Standard Notes. First, do you NEED to, as you say, “pair” with DEVONthink?

DEVONthink doesn’t really have a “pairing” concept, as used elsewhere, e.g. Bluetooth.

Look for where Standard Notes saves the files. Then a way to do this would be for DEVONthink to index those files. If that place is a third party sync service, then so be it. Up to you as that might ease how your iPhone integrates with your desktop Mac running DEVONthink. The emphasis here is to find the location on your desktop Mac holding your files that DEVONthink and you can reach.

Read the details of indexing files in the “DEVONthink Handbook” as there are details you need to be aware of and follow, e.g. deleting indexed files outside of DEVONthink.

Another approach would be for “finished” documents written in Standard Notes, that you simply import them to DEVONthink (getting them out of Standard Notes). Drag and drop works well for this, or use the menus to import.


Hi there,

I have used StandardNotes in the past and liked it. However, I saw no need for it after discovering DevonThink because DT also allows encrypted sync of notes across platforms (and has 100x the functionality apart from this).

Is there a specific benefit or use case for which you need to continue using StandardNotes, rather than simply transferring your notes to DevonThink?


Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the last idea. I also look into the other options mentioned. Thanks.

I am looking for a more traditional note-taking app that had E2E and open source to take structured medical notes. I am a mental health clinician and I typically will write my notes in a secure platform and move the note into my EMR. I plan to start to backup my Patient Charts In DT and store psychotherapy notes which are typically separate from the EMR.

With that said, since my initial post I came across Notesnook. The same level of security as Standard Notes, but had more features and is much cheaper.

Ah, I see. Just wanted to point out that DevonThink’s encryption is also E2E and therefore, to my knowledge, offers the same level of security. In addition to encrypted sync, you can also create locally encrypted databases.

There can be reasons to use multiple apps, of course. However, there are also benefits to keeping everything in DT, such as cross-linking and running smart rules on items.

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