some times ago I was accessing a devonthink archive via lan. the archive was on my powerbook and devonthink was running on my mac mini. I was using an image and I try to import the image in the archive and devonthink freeze and I was forced to quit. I reopen the archive and all seemes to be fine, I ask to verify and repair the database fearing a problem in forcing to quit.
all seems fine, but today I found all the pdf files called “Print Job” (and a number) in my archive was deleted. I see the PDFs icon in devonthink, but when I ask to see the pdf I can see only a low-res icon. Looking for path I see they referre to “Print Job” pdf files that was deleted.
Thanks to god I have a external backup so, I found the missing files and copy again inside the ‘archive’ file, and now they works, but I’d like to know why this happens, and if the problem can be related to work with devonthink database via lan.


Both usage of Force Quit and networks errors can cause all kinds of problems - or none at all. In addition, access to files might depend on the machine, especially if the files are located outside the database package.