Paperless Desktop, Archiving by year and Classify built-in A


I’m using DTP mainly for going paperless thanks to a snapscan s510M.

Since DTP does not allow to search by date, each year I create a new database based on a folder (group) template and all is going nicely this way. Unfortunatly, doing so I loose all the historical data used by the built-in AI to classify the fresh documents.

Is there another method for accomplish this without loosing AI data ?

What type of date data are you searching for-date(s) in the documents or dates the documents were created, added, modified, etc. You can create Smart Groups that search by the latter-would that help?

Smart Groups would be perfect but from my understanding I can only search for this year or last year, not for a custom year (like 2008 for example).
In fact I tried to perform a smart group in two differents ways:

  • By date of creation (with the limitation above), the results inside the smargroup are fine: I can see the group hierarchy.

  • A smartgroup searching for a year in the name of the document (2008*), but this time the results inside the smartgroup are not nice: it’s a flat result (no group hierarchy).

That’s why I have splitted the DB for the moment

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