Hi All

The above url points to:

Now it seems to me that this is more or less the function that dt provides but Paperless does provide this extra function of being able to categorise the documents complete with an amount, category and supplier/customer.

Is it possible to do something similar with dt please?



P.S. I hope putting the above link isn’t considered spamming. I use dt and want to see if the functionality is available.

I use both DTP and Receipt Wallet (which is to become Paperless). DTP does an excellent job as a database, easy to organize, has AI, and is easily searchable. If you bring in your receipts with keywording, and organized according to your logic, you would find it suitable for archiving your receipts. Of course, you have to ask yourself what your purpose is and how do you want/need to access them.

I utilize Receipt Wallet for all receipts and like the way it performs. Moreover, it makes my monthly expense reports a breeze as it provides a report tool with selectable items for display. I scan receipts through the month as I get them, then at the end of the month a few mouse clicks brings everything together in a nice report that I then email. Totally paperless.