Papyrus Author

Hi from Australia.
This is a request / suggestion.
I use Devonthink Office (along with Daylite) as my core data organising app.
For word processing, I used to use and enjoy Papyrus many years ago. I notice that the software authors are on the brink of releasing an English version of its most recent iteration and am keen to reacquaint myself. I was wondering if there were some ways Devonthink might be able to be more seamless with Papyrus, and, come to think of it, Daylite.
Just in case you get bored and are looking for something to do! :wink:

“More seamless” seems less than definite.

Can you explain what that means in this case? How would DEVONthink be able to be “more seamless”?

Haven’t they been promising an English version for many years now?

I use Papyrus Author and Daylite. I would like DEVONThink Pro Office to enable the same functionalities as the app has with Mac Calendar. (e.g., send file or text to calendar as an appointment). Daylite calendar exports to CSV (primarily) and to ics (secondarily) to get data to Mac Calendar.

Ideally, I’d like to drag an event from Daylite to DTPO and have it turn into a document (rtf or txt).

I would also like to create an event in Daylite from DTPO.

As a Papyrus user, I would like any and all functionality you are able to provide Scrivener files.

I would also like to be able to view Papyrus Author mind maps (like you can see Scapple docs), timelines (maybe like AeonTimeline), database records (like FileMaker Pro? or Excel) in DTPO.

It would be useful to see the Papyrus Author database records in DTPO Sheets or as individual documents.

Indexing or importing files is acceptable. Whatever you are able to do with both these tools, would be a time saver!

Thanks for considering.


I’s been a while since I last used Papyrus but the hybrid pap.pdf format would be the most appropriate starting point, I guess. To the outside including DTPO this format would behave like a pdf document and would index as such, only Papyrus itself sees the editable Papyrus format. Upon saving, the PDF part of the document would update and reflect the latest state.

The timeline was introduced after I stopped using Papyrus, sorry.