Parameterizing "x-devonthink-item"

I’m wondering you’d consider the following changes:

Add a page parameter, linking to a specific page.

Add a search parameter, linking to the first occurance of a string.

The purpose of these changes is to allow deep linking into documents, primarily PDFs. This would facilitate the citation of ancillary documents.

Thank you for reading my input. :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, the next beta will support both parameters.

Fantastic! Thanks!

I’m very impressed with both your software and your customer service!

There will be also a “Copy Page Link” contextual menu command to easily create references to PDF pages.

this is awesome! :slight_smile: thank you!

Does the “?page” parameter always consider the first page as “?page=0” ? For a document-oriented URL it would seem that the first page should be “?page=1”

Is “?search=” implemented?

The index is zero-based and search is implemented.

Hmmm…I’ve tried several PDFs and don’t seem to get results with ?search=

You’re right, it does not work as expected as the search is case sensitive in case of PDF documents but shouldn’t be. V2.0.2 will fix this.