Partial search not working

When I search my database, it doesn’t seem that partial search works.


My note title is “WDS limit”

If I reach for “WDS”, it shows the note.
If I search for “WDS limit”, it shows the note
If I search for “WDS lim”, it doesn’t find the note.
If I search for “WDS lim*”, it does find the note.

If I have a note with the contents “cat /proc/driver/macpt/db” in it, I can’t find it without using the full “/proc/driver/macpt/db”

How come? Bummer to have to use asterisk all the time when searching.

Are you referring to the Tools > Search window or the search field?

The search box.

If you check Prefix while typing under the magnifying glass, an asterisk wildcard will be assumed on the last search term. Otherwise, the search will assume words, not substrings.
The Tools > Search requires wildcards for substring matching.

That fixed it for me! Thanks. Much better behavior. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :smiley: