Partial Tag Match in Smart Group

Is it possible to use a partial tag match in a Smart Group?

Right now we can search for Tag “Is” or Tag “Is Not”

Could we be able to search for Tag “Contains” ?

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This is not possible.
@cgrunenberg would have to assess this.

Wildcards are supported, therefore you could e.g. use *string*.

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just to note - as I was/am having my own quarrels with the way tag-search is treated w/in my way of using tags, I take a kind of hack to circumvent the separation of search-logics/systems btw text and tags: I use a script to copy all tags to the finder-commentary field (or any other field that is in the scope of regular DT search)
– this in effect leads to a behaviour within DT that mimicks ‘partial tag match’…

… maybe that´s an option under given circumstances?

ps: maybe to note: as wildcard of course also is a solution under the given scenario of smart groups (using the detailed search schema), my ‘solution’/hack is really one for the ordinary universal search box (which I deem more ‘universal’ by using the hack :slight_smile: )

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this sounds like a great idea. can you share the script that you use? thank you!

sorry mals,

I just saw this. probably too late for you, but then maybe not.
in any case, as to anyone in the community searching – the following has been provided by Jim Neumann / BLUEFROG to me some time ago
DT Tags > Spotlight (1.8 KB)