Password horror.

I have just had a bit of a disaster. I decided to password protect my databases. So I went through them putting the same password in each one. However just trying to open my large home database which is 20gb the password wouldn’t work.!! It must have been a typo ?? It doesn’t ask you to verify the password twice. All the other databases work.

So I thought… no problems time machine…However the cable must have come out of my external hard drive and it hasn’t backed up since February!

My question… any way of getting around the password protection ??

I don´t think I would like to see an answer to that question in this forum.

Better you make a Support Ticket I suppose! Safer for us all.

Hopefully there is a way that will work for you.

Actually I have just figured this out.

In the help section it actually tells you how to circumnavigate the password protection.

I am thankful for this however (not very brilliant password system)

in my opinion, the best protection for you is likely going to be file vault and a password for the user account. everything else is likely to be a step down from that for almost any app, but especially one that is indexed by spotlight :slight_smile:

passwords on apps are generally there to discourage the casual, technically inept friend, coworker, or family member. a better way to discourage them would be to logout of your computer,

Really? Never been a fan myself. I had too many issues with it years ago and gave up on it. Also, I’m not very concerned about my data. Anything needing safekeeping I usually just keep in an anecrypted sparsebundle.

Just IMO. :smiley:

I hated FileVault but the “new” FileVault 2 actually works with no problems in Yosemite on my MBP15r.

The only thing I encountered with DevonThink after installing FV2 is when the computer goes to sleep and I want to make my sync with iPad/iPhone in the evening before going to sleep - it can take up to 1 minute before the sync starts if the computer went to sleep.

File Vault has worked flawlessly for me for a few years now. I never used it in the old days, so I can’t say if it is better or not from experience, but from what I have read, it is an entirely different experience – no noticeable speed drop, effortless to set up, etc. But, YMMV :slight_smile:

Besides all of its great information management features, which would be appealing enough, I’m able to use DT securely through mobile and the cloud as well. That’s exceedingly rare these days. None of my data is terribly “important.” I have no nuclear launch codes, though I guess the US govt. we trust to gather and store so much of our personal data had those passwords set at 00000000 for decades anyhow, so even if I had them, it might not matter. Personally, I think it’s none of anyone else’s business, though, and I want to keep my data secure. More importantly, though, I do have to deal a lot with other people’s data, and I am required by NDAs and US federal laws, not to mention professional ethics, to keep all of that secure.

I try to keep up-to-date on this security stuff and use the best practices and most powerful tools available to consumers. FileVault and DT are great solutions to problems that most others have only barely begun to recognize, much less address. I’m greatly relieved to see some companies getting ahead of the curve on this stuff, and I think both Apple and DT ought to be recognized more for the power they put into the hands of individuals to protect themselves.