Password problem transferring DB on USB Disk

Hi all, I saved a DT Pro protected archive on a USB Disk but I’m not able to reopen it on another Mac (classic home-office scenario).

The password is not recognized on home Mac, but it is accepted on original Mac and the data are still there. I’ve tried to open file both on USB Disk and on hard disk, no success.

File was copied with DT Pro closed and it is not corrupted. Same thing happen in opposite direction (from home to work) with a new clean DB, password protected.

Any hints?

Did you check that the entered username is also identical on both machines?

Username is identical, privileges checked, disk format Mac Extended, tried on different usb disks… :frowning:

That’s indeed strange. Do both computers use the same CPU? This shouldn’t make a difference but one never knows.

Another possibility you might try is to use the Scripts > Export > Backup Archive… script which will create a Zip archive of a verified & optimized database.

See if one of the DBs has a file called “locked” and if so, trash that file. Then the DB will open.

No ‘locked’ item in Db.

My quick and dirty solution: I’m saving unprotected Db on an encrypted disk image. I’ll investigate later…

Thank you to all