Password protect DN data?

Any suggestions on how to password protect data in DevonNote? (Or encrypt but I think password protect is sufficient for my needs.) I use Disk Image, having created a password-protected virtual disk where I store some private files.

Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place but I found my DN data files in the Library > Caches > Metadata > DEVONnote directory. A bunch of files starting with a four digit number, dot, then dn1 suffix. If I double click one, it opens in DN. As such, when DN thus opens, it opens to that topic but all other topics are listed to the left of the DN screen and are accessible as well, including the one I would like password protected.

If I move the respective ####.dn1 file into the Disk Image password protected virtual disk, the next time I edit it, it recreates itself in the Library…DevonNote directory, thus accessible without password protection.

So I’m a bit lost on how best, if at all, to password protect (or encrypt) the one specific ####.dn1 file. It contains notes on what I REALLY think about my wife. (Just kidding.) I suppose I could set up separate accounts on the iMac with different access permissions, and probably should do that anyway, but my curiosity has me asking if there’s a suggested way to password (or encrypt) DN data files.

Running iMac OS X Tiger.

Thank you.


The database is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONnote. Password protection can be enabled via File > Database Properties.

Thank you! That’s perfect my needs. Thanks for the assistance.