Password protect Group or entire database DTPO/DTTG 2.0

Have some banking and other sensitive data in one Group in my DTPO that syncs with my DTTG 2.0.

Is there a way to password protect this group? I know I can protect the entire app from earlier posts here in the forum and the Manual.

I don´t think the database is encrypted so maybe Spotlight can find the protected documents regardless.

Maybe lock the .pdf´s in PDFPEN.PRO instead?

Any ideas?

My general opinion is that if you are worried about having personal information on a device that is prone to theft – don’t do it.

Groups cannot be password protected. But even if you could, If you are have a password on DTTG, why add another layer – it’s not going to make things better.

BTW, if you are stuffing your banking info onto your iPad/iPhone, then make sure you have configured your iPad to wipe its data after a certain number of passcode attempts, have long passcode rather than a short one, and use Find My iPhone to wipe your device if its lost.

How do I add a password to DTTG?

I already added it to DTPO and even if it can be bypassed, I still know when someone have been doing that!

I’m sorry, I was referring to the password protection on your iPad, not on DTTG itself. (The database password is used for encryption.)