Password-Protected Startup

I feel as though I may be missing something obvious.

If I lose my iPhone, my DEVONthink To Go files are protected from prying eyes by Face ID.

If I lose my Mac, I’d like my DEVONthink instance to be likewise protected. Is there a way to force a password (or use the Touch ID feature) simply to open the app?

Perhaps the thinking is that that’s what macOS security is meant for.

– Robert

Perhaps the thinking is that that’s what macOS security is meant for.

I’d agree with this assessment.

And I’m guessing you’ve read these thoughts on our blog…

Bearing in mind, these are optional, not required. These are choices you can make if you’d like… or not.

(PS: I personally don’t worry about these types of things much, and that’s my choice, just as you have yours.) :slight_smile:

I did see that post, and appreciated the advice therein.

I guess I feel, though, that the DEVONthink To Go approach is better than the approach taken in the Mac app. Like the Mac, iPhone has its own security system too, but DEVONthink To Go offers me added protection via Face ID to further protect access to my data in the event my phone is compromised.

Just my two cents.

Thanks, as always, for your quick and kind reply, Jim.

– Robert

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You’re very welcome.

One simple thing that can be done in macOS - and has been around forever - is disabling any automatic logins, even from sleep.

Hello @rdr, I had the same thoughts and then came across the app iLock ($8,-).
With this app you can securely lock Mac Apps and unlock them with a master password.

With the help of a Keyboard Maestro macro, which calls up the iLock app and activates it with a 1Password Autofill login (also works with Touch ID), I can lock or unlock DEVONthink at any time.

For security reasons, I receive an immediate notification on all iDevices via the App Pushover to lock or unlock DEVONthink. For sure there is always a little bit more to do… :wink:

Here in the video an example of this:

I have set up another Keyboard Maestro macro that monitors the Wifi. If my Mac’s leave the Wifi, the app iLock is activated and my important apps (Terminal, Keychain, Mail, DEVONthink etc.) are locked.

You can also lock or unlock DEVONthink on your Mac using Face ID. For this I use a Siri shortcut in conjunction with my workflow described above. However, I replaced the 1Password autofill login with a keychain autofill login.

Here is an example as well:

Vielleicht interessiert Dich @do-it dieser Workflow auch :wink: