Password Protection for DTTG and Encryption

I set a password to use with one of my databases, and I’m just learning how to sync it to my iPad using DTTG. I was able to successfully sync it, but it does not appear that the iPad requires a password to open the database. Why? Can I change this?

Also, if I set a password, does this mean my entire database is encrypted? I’d like it to be encrypted on both my Mac and iPad.

This has been asked and answered already. Please make use of the search function of the Forums first. Thanks.

No, the username / password is not used by DEVONthink To Go 2. Apple’s device locks are what we rely on and we are not intending to encrypt the database on the iPad beyond the encryption Apple applies.

Also, encryption only encrypts data on transmission and in a Sync location, if an encryption key is specified. It will not encrypt the database on your Mac or iPad. If you have sensitive information in a database on your Mac, we suggest using encrypted disk images that can be amde with Apple’s Disk Utility.

Thanks for the answer. That’s disappointing to hear. I was hoping for better encryption.

I agree as sometime you let other people use your iPad for various reasons. That extra bit of security would be useful on individual databases

A Touch ID based app lock is on the to-do list though. It won’t encrypt your database already encrypted by iOS but add a general lock for the app itself.

Any chance this could be at the database level. I don’t mean encryption, I understand you not wanting to encrypt what is already encrypted, but Touch ID lock at the database level would be great since it would allow for protection of more sensitive database while still leaving the global inbox and less sensitive database with easy access. I don’t think I’d like to use Touch ID every single time I try import/clip something to the inbox.

It’s more likely that we’ll implement it on an app level as otherwise it would probably quickly get very messy.