Password works when pasted but not typed in

I am using the free trial version of Devonthink, deciding if it will be a good replacement for Paperless. IMac running OSX 10.10.3 Yosemite.

When I open Devonthink it wants a user name and password. If I type them in, it tells me it is a wrong user name and password. If I copy and paste them from a text document, it tells me the same thing.

If I go into the library and copy the password right out of the settings.plist file, it works.

I have changed the password, making sure I copy and paste the same password into my text document and also making sure I type in the password just like it reads in the plist file.

I like this programs functionality but this could be a deal breaker though. Any help would be appreciated.

If you set a Username different than the current User Account name, the dialog you will be presented when opening a database will list the Account name, not the Username from the settings of the database.

If this is not the issue, please start a Support Ticket, as I cannot reproduce this here on 10.10.4.