pasting a plain text list as a list of groups


I have a long list of peoples names that I need to convert as a list of groups.

Is there any way to copy a plain text list and paste is as groups?


Do this in Finder and then import the folders created by the following process to DEVONthink:

  1. Create a folder on the desktop that will be the “base” for the new folders – just to make it easy. You won’t need this folder eventually. Let’s call this folder “Base”
  2. Drag a copy of your list of names from DEVONthink to that base folder. Let’s say that list is called something clever like “list.txt”
  3. Open Terminal
  4. In Terminal enter this command

cd ~/Desktop/Base

  1. Then, also in Terminal, enter this command

cat list.txt | xargs mkdir

You will now have a set of folders, named the way you wish, that you can import into any database.

Many thanks!