Pasting text into RTF

I copy selections of text from web pages and paste them into already made rtf documents in DT. When they paste they keep the font and size of the web page which I always have to change to my defaults for that document. Is there a way to set that all pasting would take on the characteristics that I have in the document? Something like a default font/size that would acknowlege pasting? The Editing prefs work fine for new documents, but not in the case of pasting.


Sorry, no.

Sometimes I will paste text that contains multiple fonts and colors into a TextEdit document and convert it to plain text, so that I don’t have to bother changing several colors to black, for example. Then convert again to rich text (it will then be in my default Helvetica font) and copy/paste into my DT Pro rich text document.

Too bad, but thanks.

The command Edit > Paste With Current Style (Cmd-Shift-V) should do this.

Great! Thanks a lot.

I think the reason I forgot to mention this command to paste with current style is that I found it removes hyperlinks.

Try this:

Start a new rich text document. (Helvetica 12 is my default.) Enter some text.

From a Web page copy to the clipboard some text that includes links, and paste it into your rich text document.

Yes, the font and size was maintained. But the links are gone. As links are often important to me, I don’t use that command when pasting into rich text.