Patent Searches Suggestion

So, I am presently doing some patent research.

I have about 100 pdfs of somewhat relevant patent, each of them at least 12 to 20 pages.

I was wondering if any guru out there could help be understand the proper workflow, because the one I used is a bit clumsy… Here is what I did:

  1. I OCR’ed each of those pdfs
  2. Put them in a specific folder, called ‘Patents’ in a product subfolder (so that the patents are related only to a specific product),
  3. Create a smart group with the patents that I am about to search.
  4. Search the text for specific keywords, in that specific smart group.
  5. Inspect each of the results obtained.

I get the feeling that DevonThink could help me a bit more, yet I fail to see how… Any suggestions are welcome.


What are the conditions of the smart group? And is the smart group only temporarily created for searching?

Yes. The database contains also marketing related information, research papers… Anything tied to a specific type of product goes in there. Here is an illustration:
Let’s say I have a group with Ultralightweight computer. In there you will find a lot of brochures, trials, reviews as collected on the internet. You’ll also find patent that are specifically related to Ultralightweight computers, which are held in another subgroup called ‘Patents’.
Since I am not so sure about searching in a specific subgroup, I create a smart group, and peform the search in there…

Thanks for responding.

You could either use the search window (Tools > Search) and select the desired group in the “Search In” popup menu or use the toolbar search, enable the “In Selection” option (see the popup menu of the search field) and select the desired group(s).

Thanks - that + clicking on the ‘AI’ button helps me sift through the document and understand whether it needs further reading.