Path bar not updating?

Here is a screenshot showing a screen where I had been looking at a folder called “Laws, eponymous” (still selected in the sidebar) and then I did a search, using the toolbar search menu, for items anywhere in the database containing the term “Bechdel”. One of the items returned by that search is selected (“Facebook doesn’t give…”) and the red arrow marked with a circled number 1 shows that that file is located in a subfolder “> > > Facebook specific”. However, the Path Bar (red arrow marked with a circled number 2) is showing the path ending in the folder called “Laws, eponymous”. I suppose that is because that folder is still selected in the sidebar, but it is the opposite of helpful. Having moved on and done a database-wide search, I want to be able to select one of the search results and see where it is. But to do that apparently it is necessary to have the “Info” Inspector open.

So, I see a way to get the information I want (by having that Inspector open) but the feedback from the Path Bar seems wrong. It’s confusing to have another path appear that doesn’t correspond to the item selected in the Item List.

In Joe Kissell’s book the description of the Path Bar is: “the path bar, which helps you navigate from one document to another. It shows the currently selected group or document…” But it is not showing the currently selected document. It didn’t update itself when I moved on.

This seems to be an outdated description, the path bar of version 3 always shows the path of the selected sidebar item and therefore isn’t supposed to navigate documents. The path bar is even useful in case of a visible search as the selected sidebar item affects the available/used search scopes.

Finally, by default search results use List view (on your screenshot it’s columns view) and this view shows the location of each result.

Sorry for that inaccurate description. I’ll try to clarify it next time I update my book.