Path problem revisited (1.7.5)

I recently started using DEVONthink with the goal of keeping my PDFs organized - currently I imported approx. 600 into DEVONthink. In 1.7.4 all worked fine (all imported files are copied to the database directory just as I set it in the preferences). I then upgraded to 1.7.5 and moved the database out of "Application Support". While doing this my paths were messed up. Now, I only see the thumbnail of the PDFs not the PDFs themselves. I can manually correct the path using "Show info" but that would take forever.

Is there a way to re-set those paths from within DEVONthink via a menuitem? The filenames haven’t changed so it should be trivial to do so. Also, something like an integrity check showing unreferenced / missing files in the database folder would make sense IMHO.

Looking forward to a solution…

How did you move your database folder? If you’ve used the “Database Properties” panel and copied the database to a new location, then paths are automatically updated if necessary.

I opened up the database info and changed the location there. DEVONthink started to copy a whole lot… (the PDFs  I guess). I now have paths set that do not really have anything to do with the real thing. Mostly just a few characters are dropped.

Setting the location in the properties panel copies the database folder to the selected location. Otherwise one could use this to select multiple databases  ;) But could please you send me a screenshot of the paths before/after copying? And tell me how they should look like? Thanks!