Path to file in Finder


In a DT window, Is there anyway to easily get the Finder path of the selected item copied to the clipboard? At present, the only think I’ve been able to figure out is to right-click on the item and select Show in Finder, and then use a service to copy the file path to the clipboard. It would be far more convenient to be able to simply right-click the item in the DT window and then select some command that would copy the path. Is there south a thing?


Roger Alexander.

No, but it’s easiy scriptable.

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with thisRecord in (selection as list)
		set the clipboard to ((path of thisRecord) as string) -- This gives the POSIX slash delimited file path
		-- set the clipboard to (((path of thisRecord) as POSIX file) as string) -- This gives a Mac colon delimited file path
	end repeat
end tell

This is built in a repeat loop because it could be rigged to build file lists. Right now, selecting multiple items doesn’t make sense since only the last item’s path would be on the clipboard, but this is a core snippet for selections that is easily extended and also works with a single selection to.

Works like a charm!

Thanks for your help!!

No problem. Enjoy! :smiley: