paths broken, how can i reconnect?

I’ve gotten myself into the following predicament:

My files are indexed, rather than imported (but it wasn’t always that way). Right now, they’re all in a certain set of folders on an old computer. As long as this computer is on the network, DevonThink can “see” them. (But slowly.)

I need to move all the files to folders (or a folder) on the new computer, where DT is. In fact, I’ve already done that – copied them over. But DT doesn’t “see” the local, copied files.

I think the problem is that I can’t “move” the files from one volume to another; I can only copy them. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that if it was a simple move, DT would be able to keep track of the changed path.

I can manually change the Path in the Show Info panel, and then everything’s fine. The problem is, I can’t do that for each of my thousand files.

I feel there must be a simple solution just beyond my grasp. Anyone know what it is?


Checkout ‘Paths->Update Paths’ in the Scripts menu.

Perfect! Thank you.