Pause before first use of See Also or Classify

After opening a DEVONthink database, the first time “See Also” or “Classify” is used, there is a fairly lengthy pause (~10 seconds, at least for me, with nearly 2,000 PDF files in my current database).

Subsequently, “See Also” and “Classify” work in almost real-time speed.

I was wondering whether it might be possible to do whatever pre-calculations are causing the pause automatically, prior to the first time the button is pressed, in the background?

I’m tired of showing of DEVONthink to people (i.e., potential “converts” to DEVONthink) and saying “Oh, don’t worry, it’s only the FIRST time that it’s this slow. Afterwards, it will be fast.”

The technology behind DEVONthink is based on AI and so, like the human brain, it’s somewhat memory-intensive (there’s no offline storage, the brain uses only “RAM”). To be more memory-friendly, DEVONthink loads only those parts of the database that are really needed.

To answer your question: Yes, it could be done, but we think it’s better to only use as much RAM as really needed.