Paused RSS feed…………

No ability to pause RSS feeds?

wondering if there is an option.

Outside of Preferences > RSS > Check for updates: Manually, no there isn’t an individual option.

Ok thank you.

I discovered this thread after searching for the same functionality. I have a feed that is dead (produces a 404 error) and was tired of seeing the warning pop up in the log window. I still wanted to read the articles that are there, but when I get around to it. I have resolved the use-case by

  • Selecting all the items in the feed
  • Choose Group Items in the context menu
  • Move the resulting group somewhere
  • Deleting the feed item

Hopefully I will still have the articles but my Log Window will be much happier :slight_smile:

A feed is a special type of group. Moving contents out of the group disassociates them with the feed, treating them as normal files. Also, deleting RSS articles from their feed group removes them for good, i.e., they won’t be redownloaded on a refresh of the feed (obviously, if it’s an active feed).