PayPal T&C page is empty when saved to DTP

Do the following:Go in your browser to the text-based page

Try to save the page as webarchive and look at the result in DTP: An empty page. :frowning:

Both, Firfox and Safari display the page perfectly and Safari can even save it as a beautiful webarchive with all the expected content (which in turn I was able to import into DTP without issues).

I guess it is a problem with the URL, not with the page, right? Maybe the β€œ.” or the β€œ=” causes the havock?

Which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use? Did you use the declutter option? Does it work after restarting the computer? Because for me it’s working as expected.

Newest macOS and newest DTP.

But I was on a mobile connection via TripMode, which sometimes trips me up :unamused: - I’ll check over the weekend on normal broadband again.

Sorry, my bad. On a normal connection it works.

So I guess the DEVONthink URL downloader (which is kicked off by the browser extension) is a different process to the DEVONthink application. - TripMode differentiates for these things.

Does anybody has experience with TripMode and DTP?