Pb when trying to syncro an existing big database

I am using Devontink Pro Office 2.5.1. I have been using a database on one mac for a long time. It s quite big (10 Go) but it s working locally very well. I want to syncronise it on another mac. I did manage to set up connections between the 2 macs within Devonthink. I did to create new databases on both macs and get them syncronise well. But when I want to set up the direct syncro on the big existing database, it does not work. I tried the “import database” function and I keep getting the same message in the journal “Echec de la verification de la base de donnee” (which should be in english something like “Failed to check the database”). Is there some limitation on syncro such as size of the database, numer of files, number of folders/subfolders, name size of files and/or folder ?
Do you have any advice on how to proceeed ?

Tools > Verify and Repair is the first step.

It worked !

You’re welcome.