PDF 2-Page display mode

I’m reading/annotating PDFs and decided to use the 2-page view for faster perusal. Is there a reason why there is so much space in between the pages? There is almost and entire page-width in between the pages, which forces me to have such a small size it is not useful. I have noticed this is not the case with all my PDFs, so it may be the way it was created in each case. I thought I’d ask. in case there is something I could do.

  • Is this the only document you’re seeing this behavior with? (An important detail.)
  • Is this a publicly available PDF?

Actually a number of pdfs, but not all that I have. I guess it has to do with the way it was scanned.

You didn’t answer this…

yes. It is a scan of a 19th century book, not a very good scan. It is from a book archive site.

Perhaps providing the URL(s) might then help the support people to help you.