PDF and Notes

DevonThink Pro 2.9.11.

I wish to add Notes to a PDF.

When I click on the icon to create the note:


and then place it on a page, a large yellow box is created.

note on page.png

Although the DevonThink Pro manual does not show how the Note should appear on a page, the Taking Control of DevonThink ebook does (at page 155). What is shown on the ebook looks very different to what I am able to do. Also nothing is shown outside of the page as in the Taking Control book.

Is it correct the type of square I can create or is the Taking Control ebook correct? If the latter, how I do what is shown in the ebook.

With macOS Sierra, the Annotation has changed looks.

I don’t think that it’s an intentional change of Sierra, probably just another bug.

Not sure if related - but if there is text inside that note, the behaviour of ‘viewing’ the text seems to have changed as well.

My memory is porous of late to say the least, but pretty sure that in the past, clicking on one of those little annotation ‘notes’, would display the text of the note in the margin.

Now, you have to either select the “Note” or “Text” tool in the toolbar, then click on the note icon, to then open up the “Annotations” window - as if you were editing it. You can then view the text there…

Presumably this too is something controlled by macOS, and beyond the control of Devonthink?

You’re right, see known issues of release notes.