PDF annotation - difficult to interpret a highlight with text details

Still exploring new ways of using DT3 and enjoying the discovery trip. One area I’ve tried out is the options to add annotations directly to PDF files e.g. highlights, text boxes and view the list of all such annotations in the Inspector/Annotation window, then adding some comments for each annotation using the details window at the bottom of the inspector window.

Two point I wanted to make. If I do the following:
i) Select a PDF file
ii) Highlight a passage of interest
iii) View the highlight under the Annotations list in the inspector
iv) Add text to the details window at the bottom, in this case let’s say wah1234 for the sake of the test.

First I think this might be a bug, if not it’s confusing. If I search for wah1234 sure enough the result shows up…but three times (see screenshot below) with 3 occurrences stated even though I only entered it one time for a single highlight.

Second, this is more of a functionality question. Is there a way of accessing all the details for each PDF annotation without selecting each annotation by hand ? When I display a list of PDF annotations I see the annotation and annotation type in the list but not whether they contain any details or not.

Many thanks

I have confirmed this bug…

This is the only place I have added a detail - the word scrabble - the file.

Doing a search yields 3 occurrences, just as shown in your case.

And no, currently there are no more columns of information available for the annotations.

Beta 3 will fix this.

And beta 3 will include an icon in case of annotations having details.

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Could the details be added to the output of “Summarize Highlights” too?

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I second @lyndondrake’s request to include the details in “Summarize Highlights”, as that would be very useful to me.

Beta 3 will do this too.