PDF Annotations Disappeared suddenly?

I have a PDF in Devonthink. I opened the PDF in PDF Expert and made annotations. I saved the PDF, and closed it. I changed the name of the PDF in Devonthink (e.g., by force-clicking the file’s name through Devonthink, and then writing in a new one). I re-opened the PDF in PDF Expert, and all of my earlier annotations disappeared. The only annotations remaining were ones that were there from the day before.

What the heck happened?? How do I get them back? There were like 2 hours worth of annotations. :frowning:

(I realize this could be a PDF Expert issue, mostly I wanted to see if this were a known issue or if something about my own janky system caused this…)

If you’re running iOS 14, I have seen the same issue with PDF Expert without DEVONthink To Go involved. I’d talk to their support team.

Bummer. Thanks!

No problem.

I had issues with PDF Expert in iOS as well. I use PDF Viewer from PSPDFkit, it is almost free, and since then had no problems.