PDF annotations since last update

I’ve previously synced PDF documents to mobile sync, sent them to PDFexpert, annotated them, sent them back to DTTG and synced them back to desktop. Previously, these annotations got carried over to the desktop, but since the last DTTG update they are not and DTTG also often crashes when syncing large files.

Anyone else experiencing this or know an other way to do annotation on the iPad?
All my pdfs are already in an indexed folder and thus I can’t create a new indexed folder in dropbox as was suggested in an other thread (can’t “Move to External Folder”).

I guess I could put my whole indexed folder in dropbox and then sync individual files with GoodReader as I need to annotate them, but preferably I would like to go through DevonThink in some way, to make use of my toread sortings.

Any suggestions?

I just wanted to second that and say that I’m having the same problem. I annotate in PDF Expert, send back to DTTG, and the annotations are gone.

Just to test, I sent from PDF Expert to DTTG to Dropbox, and the annotations were gone. From PDF Expert straight to Dropbox, though, keeps the annotations, so it’s definitely happening on DTTG.

Also, I have a large PDF, that I had synced to the iPad, but after annotating in PDF Expert, DTTG crashes every time I try to sync.

I love that they added RTF highlights to DTTG in the last update, but whatever they did created this bug.

Thank you for the report. I will investigate this issue which might have been introduced with the new code to make receiving especially large files from other apps more reliable.

The crash when syncing large files should be gone when we have moved to the new sync code that we are already beta-testing between Macs (see my blog).

Thanks eboehnisch,

Is there any timeframe for this? It pretty much renders DTTG useless for my workflow.

Just to clarify, deleting the database and resyncing fixed the large file problem, so I guess it was unrelated.

DTTG strips out pdf annotations in all directions: annotations made in Preview are gone in PDF Expert; annotations made in PDF Expert are gone in Preview; annotations made in PDF Expert, sent to DTTG, and sent back to PDF Expert are gone.

We will send a bug fix release direction Apple later this week.

Just validated that the same thing is happening on my side with iAnnotate. I reconfirmed this morning by transferring three files again from iAnnotate to DTTG and then sync with DTPO. All annotations are gone…


Any update for us?

I must say that this is a big issue for me.


Thanks for solving this issue in the latest update!


Just tried to sync back files edited with Goodreader into DTTG. Lost all the annotations.
Does the “bug” discussed in june is resolved?