PDF bookmarks and narrowed scroll bar

Hi, developers,
I always use DTTG to read PDF books, whereas DTTG currently does not support bookmarking feature. Is that possible to be implemented in the future?
Besides, I always find the scroll bar of PDF reader annoying, for it’s too wide and I sometimes touch it by accident, which leads me to another page far away and I have to scroll a long time back to where I’m reading.


The PDF framework we use is from a third-party. We can pass along feature requests, etc. but have no control over if or when they may implement anything.

I see. But doesn’t DTTG use PSPDFKit for PDF rendering? Their official APP has that bookmarks feature. You may check it out :mrgreen:

As with many apps/frameworks, there is not necessarily feature parity between them or only available at extra cost to developers licensing them.

It’s OK. Please do it when you get the required APIs. Good luck!

The request is definitely noted! :smiley: