PDF Bookmarks - please add it to DEVONthink's PDF Viewer

I realize this is a feature that people have requested for years.

I wish I did not have to open up PDFs in Adobe Acrobat all the time in order to see and create PDF bookmarks. I wish I could simply jump to chapters or sections in large PDFs I store in DEVONthink.

I use DEVONthink to store all of my PDFs. DEVONthink is an organizer of information. However it is missing out in the ability to organize data INSIDE a PDF via bookmarks.

As I store larger and larger PDFs in DEVONthink, this is becoming much greater and issue and a glaring omission of a feature that is crucial in organizing data.

Please make it native in DEVONthink to be able to see and add bookmarks to PDFs.

Thank you for the suggestion! In the meantime there’s at least a workaround, see forum.devon-technologies.com/vie … =4&t=14377

Again, I know this has been requested for years, but is the ability to use PDF Bookmarks in DTP actively being considered for a future release?

If not, I’ll consider adding links to relevant pages in PDFs instead, but as that’s a (very) time-consuming task…

It is but not for the upcoming minor maintenance releases.

Hope that one at Devon realizes that the payment for DTP was done with no “workaround money” :imp:

Currently there is a big gap between promised and realized functions - a gap, Devon could easily slip in… :exclamation:

:arrow_right: not going with time means going with the time

You did not pay for a promise, you paid for a product that was delivered as is, and you had ample opportunity to evaluate the product and decide if it met your needs.

Please stop your passive-aggresive comments on this forum, they are annoying and they don’t contribute anything helpful to anyone.

I would be happy if you could implement this soon. It is annoying to have to switch so often between acrobat reader and DTP.

Cheers - Klaus