Pdf bookmarks...

Is it possible to create bookmarks in PDFs in DT and DTTG?

Do you want to link to the PDF (e.g. a certain page) or add a link annotation to the PDF?

If I’m reading a pdf I’d like to leave behind a bookmark so I can come back to where I was reading from.

This is not yet possible. One workaround might be to choose “Copy Page Link” in the contextual menu and to insert the link into a rich text document or to create a bookmark using Data > New > With Clipboard. Double-clicking on the bookmark opens the document in a new window and scrolls to the bookmarked page.

Thanks… that’s not a bad workaround. Hopefully you guys can add it soon! Currently my pdfs live in other apps and it’d be nice to bring them over. Things like no bookmarks or smart groups on mobile keep them external.

I’d like to +1 this suggestion, and extend it slightly…

Bookmarking a PDF while reading would help to find my most recent spot, as I frequently shift between different devices (iOS and macOS).

A related feature extension would be to sync Current Location in a PDF. This would help eliminate some of the intermediary steps of setting a bookmark and then opening to a save bookmark.

The reading position is already synced between DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.