Pdf cannot be captured on DTTG when the site require login

The pdf captured from safari cannot be displayed, it shows 0 pagess (but isn’t 0 kb)
Maybe the cause of that is that there was login needed to open the pdf on the site

Browser safari on IpadOS 14

Edit: Yep this behaviour is explicit on Mac version, it explicitly capture login page instead of the pdf.
Is there a future possibility that Devonthink will capture the content of the site after login to that site in the browser?

What site are you capturing from?

It was this site: https://www.guilford.com/solanto-forms (the making of the account there is free, if someone want to test, after login pdf isn’t embedded or anything weird)

Now I sure that it was caused by need of login to see the pdf, and the DTTG cannot capture site as pdf which caused the problem that I didn’t know where is the problem (I found the explanation of this behaviour after posting, but I didn’t change the title)