PDF Choppy Scrolling

In recent versions of DTPO, does anybody else have issues with PDF draw rates? If I scroll a PDF in the DTPO preview it often seems to drop to like 1-2 fps. It makes reviewing PDFs almost unusable, making DT much less useful.

I’m on a 2016 MBP (highest non custom build), so it shouldn’t be lack of system power. I wonder if it is having a hard time with the discrete GPU? I am on OSX 10.12.5.

There is nothing special about the PDFs and it seems to impact all PDFs. If it is an image based PDF it is the worst (created by ScanSnap iX500). PDFs generated not from a scan have better scrolling, but not what I’d call acceptable. Those will still feel extremely sluggish.

All PDFs scroll perfectly smooth in both Preview and PDF Expert.

Any thoughts?

See delay in rendering pdf

Thank you! I promise, I did try to search! :smiley:

Flipped it back to the old rendering and it is working well now.