PDF clipping, full page PDF reading, text position and icon

Congrat on the V2, it took very (!) long but it was for sure worth the wait!
I really like a lot what I see so far, so there are only some tiny wishes from my side.

I would like to have PDF clipping to DTTG beside “bookmark” and “web archive” as well because only clipped PDF are still there when the webpage did disappear one day.

I hoped to to be able to get rid of my PDF reader, but unfortunately I did not find a way to read a PDF in fullscreen mode, there is alway the upper status line which can not be removed.
For reading longer PDF like books this is very annoying as one still needs to scroll (or export the PDF to a special reader)

I would like to have multiple PDF open to switch between them, but each time I do this I am ending up at the first page of the PDF. I would like to stay at the page last opened at every PDF

And finally the icon.
This is a NO GO!
Nautili are some of the most wonderful creatures that did ever live on our planet.
But hey are round, not square.
So I would like to have my old icon back, or at least the one of the MAC version.
In the Appstore there is still a nice icon related to the app, why not also at the iPad?

Ah another point - handwriting.
I am using an iPad Pro with the pencil, what is a big pleasure.
Goodnotes is my preferred app for handwriting.
It would be nice to have a native handwriting support in DTTG (with pencil support as well for sure) or at least a possibility to manage Goodnotes files inside DT and DTTG

Otherwise I am extremely happy.
Devonthink is still the center of my computer work and it is a very strong reason to switch to a mac.
I can not imagine living without DT and now finally the ToGo version is at the same level than the MAC version.


I’d like to second these requests, especially the one about saving the last opened page. At this point it’s impossible to work with multiple PDFs without an external app.

I’d also like to see support for remembering the last opened page of a PDF (as the desktop version does). When using DEVONthink on my iPad I often have to switch between multiple PDFs. While this can be accommplished using the “Recently Viewed” (“Kürzlich betrachtet”) smart folder quite well, having to start again at the beginning of each pdf is a quite a hassle.

Yes please! Remembering the last PDF page viewed would be very helpful.

+1 remembering the page

Another vote for remembering page!

On a general point I do like the new App it is ideal for my needs which are, admittedly, simple as I do not need much to sync. All I really need is to be able to sync selected documents from my main Mac to the iPad so I have created a “For iPad” Database and only synced that.

Great job guys.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks :smiley: