PDF crashing DEVONagent

I have been trying to use DEVONagent as my default browser (as Bill DeVille does). The biggest problem I’m having is that it crashes whenever I try to open a PDF file. Anyone else having this problem?



I have to ask since Christian beat me over the head with this before when I filed a bug report and overlooked something major :wink:

Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed? In Safari is it actually loading an Acrobat plugin to view your PDFs instead of the built-in support.

You will need to remove this plugin and then DA will stop crashing.

I just checked. There is no pdf plug-in in the DA plug-ins folder. It should have asked me to choose one though I would think. I’m going to throw something in there and see how it goes.


If it’s there it would be in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins IIRC

Yes the Adobe plug-in is there. I used to use PDF browser plug-in (something I didn’t like about it, trying to remember, not searchable, selectable or something), then Apple provided theirs built-in for Safari so I switched to it but Adobe’s, beginning with version 7, was much better so I switched to that. So my choice now is to use Safari with Acrobat 7.0.1 and have good pdf capabilities or use devonagent and have poor pdf capabilities or crashes? Do you know of any alternatives?


Nope no clue – but at least removing it will keep DA from crashing. I didn’t like it anyway because Adobe Acrobat is such a bloated beast compared to PDFkit. Preview is faster and so is Safari’s native PDF support.