PDF created from HTML-Document can not be annotated

Hi everybody,

I experienced a strange behavior. I imported the RSS-Feed of my read later service into devonthink and the particular articles are diplayed properly as HTML-Documents. Because I want to annotate these articles I converted them via right-click to PDFs. However, when viewing the PDF in DevonThink the annotation bar is greyed out (disabled) so that I can not make any highlights or annotations. What is strage is that if I view the created PDF in DevonThink 2 GO on my iPad I can make annotations on the very same document.

Can you reproduce this behavior. Do you have an idea how this can be explained?

Best regards

DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go don’t use the same PDF framework, so there will be differences in function and behavior.

Can you ZIP and post a problematic PDF for us to examine?