PDF data dropout

Issue: PDF data drops out after saving in external editor. (White pages with no content displayed).

Summary of workflow reproducing the error:

  1. Imported a PDF file containing two images/pages. First page was vertical, second page horizontal.
  2. Rotated first image/page clockwise 90 degrees (using DT icon)
  3. Double clicked on file to launch external editor (Adobe Acrobat)
  4. Rotated first image/page clockwise 90 degrees. (When imported it was still vertical.)
  5. Moved second image/page to first position.
  6. Saved file.
  7. Closed external editor.

Discussion: upon closing the external editor and returning to DT the file showed two images/pages contained in the PDF without any data. Just blank pages. Appears that no data recovery was possible.

Issue was repeatable.

Please advise! Thanks.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Also, ZIP and attach the document you’re using.