PDF editing — question about toolbar

Hi there,
I’m using DTTG for PDF annotations. I found the toolbar is sometimes shorter (with fewer tools) and sometimes longer. But I don’t know how to control that. I prefer that shorter one, in that it’s more convenient to use. Is there a way to keep always the shorter one and disable the longer toolbar, furthermore, is there any way to customize the toolbar so that I can remove what I don’t need?


There’s no way to customize the toolbar. It’s presented related to what’s selected in the PDF and to which tool you’ve chosen. So some of the options presented are sub-options to another tool.

are you switching from Landscape to Portrait orientation? I know the toolbar looks different depending on screen size (landscape vs portait)

I was always staying in the Portrait orientation, and the strange thing is the toolbar can occasionally shrink & expand. Thanks for trying to help!