PDF - from white to grey pages...

Hi forum,

After the last macOS update (sierra 10.12.2) I noticed a strange thing…
I have a lot of scanned documents on my database. Until now I worked with Abbyy Finereader on windows system (Parallels): scan, clean, organize and ocred… Using directly the software Abbyy Finereader allows me to control the results…
Well, so far nothing new. But, after the last system update, all the documents/pages scanned on grayscale (not b/w) changed the background color: from white to grey background!!!

On DTP, Preview, Quicklook, Pdf Expert, Skim, etc… this is the new behavior!!! All my documents with pages scanned on grayscale are now more darker with the background on grey!
But on Acrobat all pages appears like before: white background!!!
Let me guess: another PdfKit issue?
Anyone with this NEW problem?


Yes, it is another thing broken with PDFs. The 10.12.2 update has created even more issues! We have filed reports and we are working on what we can do, but as you’ve seen, it’s not affecting just DEVONthink.

Thanks for your answer.
Well, waiting for better days from OS side…

That makes MANY of us… sigh.