PDF Icons

Can I avoid the PDF icon when importing a PDF into a RTF document? Better yet, also format the type used for the PDF’s title?

PDF & PS documents Create thumbnails is unchecked in my Preferences>Media.

You could enable the option “Display PDF attachments of rich texts”.

Thanks, but I am trying not to display the PDF itself in the RTF document. Only the text of its link.

When you drag and drop (import) a PDF into the text of a document, a PDF icon appears over the link (filename) text.

When you Command+Option drag and drop (index) a PDF, only a link (filename) text appears. No icon.

I’d like the import link to look like the index link with no PDF icon.

Also, it might be helpful if there was more of a color distinction between import and index links. It’s hard to see the difference between the current blue colors.

And while I’m suggesting, it might be helpful if the type font, size, and style of these import and index links could be changed when they appear in documents.

That’s not possible, the icon is kind of a standard to easily distinguish attachments from links.

I apologize for belaboring this subject, but am I also missing something about limitations when importing PDFs into RTF documents?

If I add an image to DTPO as a PDF+Text entry, then any of its OCR text is found by a search. Take that same PDF+Text document and import it into a RTF document, then its OCR text is not found by a search.

I thought the content of imported and most linked (indexed) files was always indexed for searching.

No. Linking a file into an RTF document is not equivalent to Index-capturing a file into a database. The file linked into an RTF document will not be indexed for searches.

More belaboring. I have a PDF+Text entry (an image) in my Inbox. I also have some notes in a RTF entry and want to place the image at a point within that document. Plus, have a search find the text content of the image in the document. The same as a search will now find the text content when it is a separate PDF+Text entry.

Grouping the RTF and PDF+Text entries loses the advantage of the image positioned at a point in the document.

Thanks for any technique suggestions.

The only way to have searchable text from the PDF you included in an RTF document is to select the original PDF in your Inbox, Control-click and choose the option, Convert > to Rich Text. That will produce an RTF file that contains the text layer of the PDF. Edit if necessary.

Now, copy that text to the clipboard and paste it into the RTF that holds the image of the PDF. Your RTF will now be fully searchable for the text content of the PDF as well as the other text you created within it.

That’s the only way to do what you are fighting to do. Note that unless the image of the PDF is useful as a picture, now that you have extracted and included its text content, the image of the PDF may be superfluous.