PDF import failed — more info needed

I have some PDFs (naturally, all ones containing confidential data, meaning I can’t send a copy to support :unamused:) which won’t import to DT — the log window just says “Failed”. I’m currently running 2.0pb7.

Is there any chance of the next release expanding on this message a little? “Failed” is a very “computer says no”-type message — it doesn’t tell me WHY it failed. I tried double-clicking, hoping that a dialog would appear explaining the reason for the failure, but this didn’t happen.

The Console wasn’t very illuminating, either — there were some ATSFontFindFromContainer failed: count = 2 messages, but Preview and QuickLook also throw these and the document displays with no adverse effects.

Loading the document in Acrobat Pro and exporting as PDF/A (to avoid non-embedded font issues) didn’t help.

The most important issue here, though, is the totally unhelpful error message. I can see it failed, as it’s not in the list of documents. But I need to know WHY, so I can fix it!

Are you running Snow Leopard and are your files password protected? It might be this: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9336&p=43980&hilit=PDF+Password#p43980

Good Luck.

Thanks, but there are no passwords and I’m on 10.5.8…

Today seems to have been one of those days where nothing quite works…

I’m also running Leopard 10.5.8 and Beta 7 and I have the exact same problem. It’s more of an exception than a rule but it’s annoying all the same of course. Here’s what the Log has to say:

12.32.33: /Volumes/Harddisk (2)/Tekster/Computer/Internet/JavaScript/Javascript In 10 Simple Steps Or Less (Wiley).pdf Failed


Me also: Leopard 10.5.8 and Beta 7 and I have the exact same problem with some, usually larger pdfs. Beta 6 will import them without problem.