PDF Import fails

Running 2.3.2. and OS X 10.7.3 I noticed that importing pdf’s using File>Import or using the Drag and Drop method doesn’t work anymore. The file is not imported. The log only shows “Failed” in the info status.

The only way to import files is using File>Import>Images (with OCR)… which is bizarre as almost all of my pdf’s are PDF+Text anyway. Usually I’m using a workflow in which Scansnap Manager sends the scanned PDF from Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M to DEVONthink. That workflow is flawless.

Yes, all the check boxes in Options>Import are ticked.

Any suggestions?


Andrej, does every PDF import or drag/drop fail, or some? Over here, with the same config as yours, these operations work realiably. If you send an example of a failing PDF to DEVONthink support directly (here, or email to info-at-devontechnologies.com) can be helpful so the staff can examine a real example.

Korm, since I’ve noticed it it seems that every import of pdf fails. I will use the link you posted and send an example.