pdf import trouble and question

Hi forum,

I’m importing PDFs from scanning handwritten class notes. We have a nifty copier at the office that will do double-sided scans with a sheetfeeder and email PDFed results, so I can import a 35 or 40 page PDF document into DT Pro very easily.

Right now, I’m breaking a big set of notes up by topic (roughly by lecture or pair of lectures). The PDF contains some blank pages (because some of the pages of notes have nothing on the back). I import the PDF file into DT and then use split and delete a lot to massage it into about 7 or 8 different items.

  1. I notice that if I delete the blank pages individually, they delete fine, but if I use command-click to select several blank pages and then right-click to delete them at once, DT deletes the wrong pages. I can provide one of my PDF files if you would like to reproduce this issue.

  2. I would love to annotate or tag these files with a couple of keywords to describe the topics for each lecture. In 2.0 public beta 4, these features appear not to have been implemented yet; will they be in by 2.0 final?

My grand master plan is to follow this process for about eight binders worth of material. I don’t have DT Pro Office, and the mix of handwritten stuff, typed stuff, and annotated typed stuff means that OCR would be more trouble than it’s worth. So I’ll be satisfied with tagged image PDFs. If anyone has any suggestions about my process, I’d appreciate them.



Please send the PDF file to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and include the numbers of the pages you’ve tried to delete - thank you!