I created photo-albums in Acrobat. Pictures inside show up upside-down and embedded videos don’t show up at all. When I open them in Adobe Reader they show up perfect.
Is there a solution to tell DTPO to always open these PDF`s in Adobe Reader, without changing this in system on the mac. I mean still on my mac show them in Preview but only in DTPO show them in Adobe Reader?

DEVONthink uses the default ‘Open With’ application defined for a file in its Finder Info panel. That can be set for individual files, or for all files that carry a specific filename extension. The ‘Open Externally’ button that can be placed in DEVONthink’s Toolbar honor the Finder setting for each file and will open it under that application when clicked.

If you wish to maintain the default ‘Open With’ application for PDFs on your Mac as Preview, you can still open a selected PDF document in DEVONthink under Adobe Reader if you wish. Select the PDF and right-click. From the contextual menu examine the ‘Open With’ choices and choose Adobe Reader.

tks for this, I thought that i could change the “open extern” from preview to Adobe Reader, but don`t know how.
further any ideas why in embedded video in a PDF-file does not show up?