PDF issues with DTTG and iOS 13.1

DTTG seems to have some missing pdf functionality:

  1. There’s no option to “share” or clip web pages to DTTG as pdf in iOS 13—this may be by design, but does limit it’s functionality.

  2. In iOS 13 there is a new method of converting web pages to pdf: one takes a screenshot, then presses “full page”, and can then export the entire page as a pdf to various apps in the “share” menu. While this works with my other apps, “sharing” the resulting pdf to DTTG locks up the phone (see attached photo—I also have video, but not sure how to share it here).

  3. Using “mark-up” on pdf files in iOS 13 results in a black box with the mark-up when viewed in DTTG—although the same pdf looks fine on DT 3.0 on Mac (see attached images).

Any idea what’s going on regarding #2 and #3–and whether #1 will be implemented in the future?


This is by design but we might do web-to-pdf rendering eventually. However, you can always “print” to PDF using iOS’ own print methods, zooming out, and then sharing to DEVONthink To Go. This tip is still working.

Does it lock up DEVONthink To Go or does it simply not work?

That’s because the annotations that Apple adds are incompatible to the official PDF standard. When you sync such a PDF to the Mac you’ll notice that the annotations also don’t show in Adobe Acrobat but only when using Apple’s own PDF library, e.g. in Preview or DEVONthink for Mac.

On my devices, it doesn’t work, and DEVONthink to Go doesn’t launch. However, something does happen that makes the cancel ‘X’ in the share sheet non-functional. I have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to dismiss the share sheet.

Interesting. We’ll have to investigate what iOS 13 is doing here.