PDF jump/goto page

Is there a way when viewing a PDF within DTTG to jump to a certain passage or go to a specified page number.
It’s cumbersome to swipe all the way down in couple hundred pages PDFs …

We could add this if Apple would finally open their existing internal PDF library to us developers. Now to accomplish what you would like to see we would have to re-invent the wheel. We will do this as soon as other aspects of DEVONthink To Go are complete and stable (hopefully soon).

Of course, you could work around this in the interim by opening the PDF in iBooks, which has a very nice search feature, or one of the apps that supports PDF searching (e.g., GoodReader).

I guess this is going to answer my question. I’m trying to read the PDF books that I bought on how to use DT. But they always go back to the beginning. It doesn’t remember where I am. I’m guessing that based on the comments here I need to use a different application to read them.