PDF Layout Changes after Processing

Dear DevonThink community and team,

since I have upgraded to El Capitan and DevonThink 2.9.2, I observe recurrent problems with PDF processing. After processing PDFs and saving the changes, I sometimes observe what looks like changes in the PDF layout that make the PDF unusable.

Just recently, I observed this when annotating a PDF: After saving an annotated PDF, the PDF’s page layout suddenly changed. To illustrate, I have attached two screenshots of the PDF, one of them before I had saved the changes and one afterwards. The problem does not occur with all of my PDFs, up until now I have only observed it for the PDF versions of papers from one academic journal.

I observed the same problem of page layout changes some time ago when I deleted a page from a PDF after having split it and having run OCR.

I haven’t had any of these issue under Mountain Lion and DevonThink 2.8.6. So I wonder what changed with the update and whether there is a simple solution to these problems. I’ve some far been successful by printing the original PDFs to new PDFs before processing them but this of course is inconvenient in the long run.

Thank you for any help.

The PDFs are processed & saved by Mac OS X’s PDFKit framework, therefore this might be a bug or incompatibility of El Capitan. Are you able to reproduce this using Preview.app too? Could you send us an example before/after processing it?

Thank you very much for the answer!

It seems you’re right. I end up with exactly the same results when using the Preview App for annotation instead. Where should I send before/after PDFs? To the support team email address?

To cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com.